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Garant Power Q Indexable Milling Cutter

R-212804 25/4
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Technical Data

Spare part:

Pack of insert screws No. 219799 1 (8IP; 1.2Nm).


Use Garant torque screwdriver TQ No. 211750 size 1.2 with bit No. 674252 size 8IP.
When working with extensions, always use internal cooling.

Technical Data

Cutting edge ├â╞Æ├é┬ó├âΓǪ'├â┬ó├óΓé¼┼í├é┬¼ DC 25 mm
Number of cutting edges Z 4
Shank type with thread
Milling application Circular milling; Ramping; Plunging
Machining strategy HPC
Through-coolant yes
Tool exchange PowerCard
├â╞Æ├é┬ó├âΓǪ'├â┬ó├óΓé¼┼í├é┬¼ D1 h6 12.5 mm
├â╞Æ├é┬ó├âΓǪ'├â┬ó├óΓé¼┼í├é┬¼ D2 21 mm
├â╞Æ├é┬ó├âΓǪ'├â┬ó├óΓé¼┼í├é┬¼ D3 17 mm
Overall length Ltot 36 mm
Mounting thread M M12
Circular interpolation milling ├â╞Æ├é┬ó├âΓǪ'├â┬ó├óΓé¼┼í├é┬¼ Dmin 42 mm
Circular interpolation milling ├â╞Æ├é┬ó├âΓǪ'├â┬ó├óΓé¼┼í├é┬¼ Dmax 48 mm
Circular interpolation milling ap 0.3 mm
Ramping angle αmax 2.29 degrees
Ramping length L for αmax 15 mm
suitable indexable insert XOM.060310
Article number 212804-25/4
EAN / GTIN 4062406074784
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