Torque Screwdrivers

Hoffmann Group USA Garant German torque screwdrivers and PB Swiss Tools Torque Screwdriver blade accessories deliver outstanding results for industrial and business use.

German Garant Torque TQ screwdrivers feature fixed automatic triggering and a T-Handel and are available in 27-piece sets and individual sizes, with fixed automatic triggering to indicate when torque limits are reached. PB Tools Screwdriver blades for Torque screwdrivers are available in Torx and Torx Plus designs in boxes of 10 for exceptional results.

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    4018754299386 Stahlwille Electronic Torque Screwdriver   R-659005 1000

    Stahlwille Electronic Torque Screwdriver

    The Stahlwillie Electronic Torque Screwdriver is a high-precision tool for achieving precise torque control. With a range of 1 to 10 Nm (100 cNm to 1,000 cNm) and an accuracy of +/- 2%, this screwdriver is ideal for various applications that require...
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    Now: $2,087.57
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  • Wera Torque Screwdrivers U65045

    Wera 05074710001/05074711001 Torque Screwdrivers

    Description: Wera torque screwdriver. Variable torque setting option with highest precision. Simple adjustment of the required torque value without any special tools. Easy-to-read scale value. Rapidaptor quick-release technology for rapid bit change...
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  • Wera TX15 Torque Screwdriver without Scale 659950 TX15

    Wera 05027935001 TX15 Torque Screwdriver without Scale

    Wera 05027935001 TX15 Pre-Set Torque Screwdriver without Scale Version: Proven Kraftform handle, from 5 Nm with pistol grip. Every screwdriver is preset to the correct torque for each size of screw.A sealing ring protects the mechanism in the handle...
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  • PB Swiss Tools Screwdriver Blade for Torque Screwdrivers PB Swiss Tools 674248

    PB Swiss Tools Screwdriver Blade for Torque Screwdrivers

    These PB Swiss Tools Screwdriver blades for Torque Screwdrivers are available in two models. Each are a single piece, consisting of a shank and tip of one piece. The shanks of these PB Tools Screwdriver Blades are designed for direct fitting in electric...
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