Oilers and Sprayers

  •  Plastic Oiler with Discharge Tube   083532

    Plastic Oiler with Discharge Tube

    Description Version: Unbreakable, flexible pressure oiler, of polyethylene with extendable brass discharge tube, rotary closure at the spout tip. Tube guide with adjusting nut.Resistant to ethanol and isopropanol-based disinfectants. Technical Data ...
    $4.40 - $5.04
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  •  Garant Sprayer   083512

    Garant Sprayer

    Description Version: High-quality plastic container. Handy mushroom shaped handle for pressure build-up. Adjustable brass spray nozzle– from spray mist to jet.GARANT pressure sprayer, 1.5 litre liquid container with visible scale and stable base...
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