Front Jaws Holex Stationary Machine Vise Multiple Styles Available

362177 150
362177 150
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Technical Data

These Front Jaws for the Holex Stationary Machine Vise are designed to expand upon the capabilities of the revolutionary Holex Stationary Machine Vise available from

With stepped front jaws, soft front jaws, serrated front jaw, vee block front jaw and additional models available, these front jaws for the Holex Stationary Machine Vise allows the Holex Machine Vise to be configured to your specific needs.

Available Front Jaws:

362177 150: Front jaw with step 4.5×5 mm
362178 150S and 150A: Front jaw Soft: Available in Steel and Aluminum
362179 150: Front jaw Serrated
362180 150: Front jaw Vee block
362181 150: Front jaw Standard
362182 150: Front jaw with groove

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