Garant Rigid Foam Inlays

What are the benefits of using rigid foam inlays or foam inlays?

Using inlays will increase your work productivity and reduce your costs through organisation

Is your workstation sometimes a bit chaotic? Are your machines and tools scattered all over the place? Do you have tools in different variants and sizes that you don’t actually need at the moment? Or perhaps you can’t find the tool you need?

Having a safe, clean and tidy workstation is an important prerequisite for improving your work and production processes. Concepts such as the continual improvement process (CIP), 5S, Kaizen, lean management and others can be helpful.

Other benefits to you

Using rigid foam inlays or foam inlays to organise your workstation provides you with other benefits:


  • Spend less time searching for tools: All equipment is clearly marked and labelled, has a dedicated place and can always be found there
  • Optimum tool utilisation: Tool duplication is avoided and replenishment times for faulty or old tools are reduced
  • More efficient production processes: Shorter set-up times and a fast induction period for new employees help with process optimisation
  • Longer tool life: Tools are optimally protected when stored, which prevents damage and defects
  • Fewer working hours lost: Optimum organisation of the workstation (ergonomics) helps protect your workers against damage to their health.

What exactly are rigid foam inlays or foam inlays?

Only once you use custom inlays will your workstations and storage, such as roller cabinets, tool cabinets, workbenches etc. become an efficient modular arrangement system with the following benefits to you:


  • Material
    The high-quality polyethylene foam (or PE foam) is created using only CO² – no chemical propellants are used. It is very light, fine-pored, water-resistant, oil-resistant and has a long service life.


  • Colours
    An upper layer in anthracite and a contrast colour underneath immediately indicate if tools are missing or in use.


  • Thicknesses and sizes
    Different foam thicknesses and sizes are available for filling drawers in roller cabinets and tool trolleys, a tool cabinet, workbench or shadowboard with one or more custom inlays.


  • Cleaning
    Rigid foam inlays and foam inlays are easy to clean. Simply wash them out with a neutral soap solution using a soft hand brush, and then rinse them off under running water and allow them to dry.


  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
    Special anti-static (ESD) foam is available for storing and organising tools that are needed for work with sensitive components.

For what type of workstation are rigid foam inlays or foam inlays available?

Inlays for roller cabinets or tool cars

Suitable for roller cabinets or tool cars with full extension drawers and drawers of 500 x 400 mm (W x D) in size. Depending on the size, you can use between 1 and a maximum of 4 inlays.

Inlays for tool cabinets

Suitable for tool cabinets with drawer dimensions of 612 x 598 mm (W x D). Depending on the size, you can use between 1 and a maximum of 3 inlays.

Inlays for workbenches

Suitable for workbenches with a usable drawer depth of 612 mm. Depending on the size, you can use between 1 and a maximum of 4 inlays.

Inlays for shadowboards

Suitable for shadowboards with the following dimensions: 383 x 115 mm or 383 x 176 mm, or 400 x 250 mm or 500 x 250 mm (W x D). Depending on the size, you can use either 1 or 2 inlays.

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