For industrial use, Hoffmann Group USA offers industrial lubricants from WD-40 that are designed to keep industrial machines working efficiently and safely.

  • 079567100164 WD-40 Multi-Use Industrial 16 Ounce Can WD-40 U08002 16OZ

    WD-40 Multi-Use Industrial 16 Ounce Can

    This WD-40 Multi-use Industrial 16 ounce Aerosol Can is designed for a multitude of uses, including protecting metal from rust and corrosion, penetrating stuck parts, displacing moisture and industrial lubrication of almost anything.  
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    Mato Oil Can 083525

    Mato Oil Can

    Version: Machine oil spray can of sheet metal with rigid and flexible discharge tube. Sturdy brass pump, outlet can be unscrewed. Tube length 120 mm.   250 Technical Data Capacity 250 ml Container height 140 mm Base...
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  • Plastic Oiler 250mL R-083532 250

    Plastic Oiler 250mL

    Version: Unbreakable, flexible pressure oiler, of polyethylene with extendable brass discharge tube, rotary closure at the spout tip. Tube guide with adjusting nut.Resistant to ethanol and isopropanol-based disinfectants. Technical Data Capacity...
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