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Knipex Pliers Wrench Pliers and Wrench Black Finish Two Sizes

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This Knipex Pliers Wrench Pliers and Wrench Single Tool has a black finish, is available in two lengths, 180 mm and 250 mm, and is an authentic Knipex Pliers Wrench Pliers and Wrench Single Tool with a black finish for a variety of uses.


Parallel guided with smooth jaws and chrome plated with plastic coated handles.
Ratchet adjustment at the push of a button and clamping lever for high contact pressure at the jaws.
Travel between the gripping faces is large enough to allow grip and release on a ratchet basis.
German Pliers Wrench, chemically blacked finish, plastic coated handles.
250 mm model includes a laser engraved scale (front face metric and rear face imperial), that allows the width across flats to be pre-set.


Grips screws, nuts, chrome-plated fittings etc. without damaging them. Black finish offers extra protection during use.

Technical Data:

180 mm model:
Jaw length: 22 mm
Jaw capacity: 0 mm - 40 mm
Overall length: 180 mm

250 mm model:
Jaw length: 30 mm
Jaw capacity: 0 mm - 52 mm
Overall length: 250 mm

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