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GARANT Master Steel - steel has found its master

Unique quality, highest precision and impressive durability characterise the new HPC roughing end mill GARANT Master Steel.

The sword of the Samurai is a piece of art – extensive experience and the highest level of know-how combined with the best ingredients created a top-class tool. Similar to the perfection of the Samurai sword, the new HPC mill GARANT Master Steel also reaches new dimensions of manufacturing quality.

With optimised geometry, high-quality components and the latest production methods ­GARANT has created a new generation of machining!

Due to their extremely large flutes, the geometry allows excellent chip evacuation whilst increasing the rate of feed. It has been specially developed to allow outstanding tool life and smooth cutting action even for challenging materials. The tool's performance is supported by unequal spacing, dynamic spiral angles and perfect grinding quality.

This grinding quality is also reflected in the honed cutting edges. Due to this, the tool has a very homogeneous cutting edge, leading to increased tool life whilst keeping wear to a minimum and still achieving good surface quality. A newly developed coating combined with a selected high performance substrate also guarantees outstanding tool life.

GARANT Master Steel (Image video)

Steel has found its master: Unique quality, highest precision and impressive durability make for fascinating perfection – like the sword of the Samurai! GARANT MasterSteel, our high-end HPC end mill.

MasterSteel solid carbide roughing end mill

GARANT Master Steel is convincing for all steel materials

The new Master Steel HPC mills allow machining of a diverse range of steel materials. Due to the specially developed geometry, outstanding results can be achieved in high-strength steels (tensile strength approx.1000 N/mm² or higher).

All features of the GARANT HPC roughing end mill at a glance:


  1. Dynamic spiral flutes for outstandingly smooth cutting.
  2. Honed cutting edges for reduced wear and good surface quality.
  3. Large flutes for increased feed rates.
  4. Unequal spacing for vibration-free running.
  5. High performance substrate with special coating for outstanding tool life.

Customer opinion

"We need the best to be the best."

HAGER Sondermaschinenbau in the Nördlinger Ries profits from the unique performance data of GARANT Master Steel. "We are always looking for the best, exploring our limits. The new generation of HPC mills GARANT Master Steel perfectly matches our philosophy. After only a short time we were convinced that GARANT Master Steel would offer us clear advantages!"


  • Increased feed rates: for quicker production.
  • Unique tool life: for longer production.
  • Fewer changes: for less machine downtime.

Managing Director Michael Hager

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