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Find out more about our comprehensive range of machining tools for achieving maximum precision in your production process. Alongside products from our GARANT and HOLEX tooling brands, we also offer machining products from other manufacturer brands, such as Komet, Kyocera, Zeus, Kennametal and Fein.

Our trained technical experts will provide you with expert advice for all aspects associated with machining, such as milling, drilling, turning and tapping. Our team understands your requirements and can offer you advice either on-site in person or directly by phone. What’s more, our Technology Centre gives you the opportunity to see the quality of the different products up close and test them out on site.

More than 64,000 customers have placed their trust in us for their machining technology.


Our range includes all leading manufacturer brands

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GARANT machining tools: Productive. Versatile. Durable.

Benefit from top performance. Your GARANT tool makes you more productive!

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HOLEX drills. Tough and inexpensive instead of tough and expensive.

Tough and inexpensive. That's HOLEX. Discover our HOLEX tools. Absolutely straightforward and strikingly clever.

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GARANT product highlights for drilling, milling, turning, and clamping

Products for drilling

GARANT Master Steel Feed & Speed

High-performance drill

GARANT Master Steel Feed & Speed

For creating optimum tapping holes: developed for use at very high cutting speeds.

GARANT Master Tap


GARANT Master Tap

The all-rounder for your thread machining work. Suitable for universal use, with a special geometry which ensures optimum chip formation.


Solid carbide thread mill


Very smooth cutting action and reduced cutting forces thanks to innovative special geometry.

Products for milling

GARANT Master Alu

Aluminum milling cutter

GARANT Master Alu

Innovative high-performance milling cutter for work on aluminum. Very high feed rates and cutting speeds.

GARANT Master Titan

Titanium milling cutter

GARANT Master Titan

Titanium milling cutter for a diversified portfolio offering a superior tool life and the highest degree of process reliability.


GARANT VHM-Schlichtfräser HPC

High-performance milling cutter

GARANT solid carbide finishing cutter HPC

High-performance milling cutter with seven cutting edges to achieve the highest surface quality in the shortest time.

GARANT Master Steel PickPocket

Universal milling cutter

GARANT Master Steel PickPocket

Universal milling cutter for use in milling, ramping and drilling tasks with outstanding performance data.

GARANT Master Steel SlotMachine

Solid carbide high-performance milling cutter

GARANT Master Steel SlotMachine

5-edge high-performance rough milling cutter with an innovative knuckle form.

TPC milling cutters

GARANT Master Titan TPC Milling Cutters

Increased process reliability when milling titanium materials thanks to innovative TPC geometry.

High-performance milling cutter


Twice as flexible equals efficiency to the power of 2.

GARANT Softcut

High-performance indexable face/end mill

GARANT Softcut

High-performance mill with individual tool geometry to ensure a very smooth cutting action. Sturdy insert design for the best feed rates.


High feed rate milling cutter


Versatile high feed rate milling cutter designed to handle extreme metal removal rates.

Products for turning

GARANT HB 70-Serie und HB 71-Serie

High-performance cutting tool material

GARANT HB 70 range and HB 71 range

Indexable inserts for machining steel and stainless steels

Products for clamping

Shrink-fit unit

GARANT SU1 shrink-fit unit

With integral cooling at the shrink-fit chuck position

Reference customers for machining technology

Kundenstory Krones

Story: Krones

Thanks to the versatility of the GARANT Master Tap, KRONES AG is able to machine different materials using just one tap.

Kundenstory Stiemert Duschglas

Story: Stiemert Duschglas

By opting for GARANT MCD indexable inserts, Stiemert Duschglas can now turn components to polished standard. The polishing step itself is no longer required, allowing the company to eliminate an entire process step.

Kundenstory Kollmeder

Story: Kollmeder Schmiede- und Presswerk

GARANT HB 7010-1 plays a crucial role in the manufacture of seamless rolled rings measuring up to 7 metres in diameter.


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