Garant Power Q

The High feed rate milling cutters of the Power Q range

The best performance at the highest feed rates - the GARANT Power Q Double, Power Q and Power Q Mini

Machining seeks to achieve a maximum metal removal rate whilst at the same time producing with high process reliability, saving energy, minimising the wear on the machine and maintaining economic efficiency. High feed rate milling is an approach that provides a solution to this; it is a milling strategy that is very easy to program and is very well suited to machining across large areas.

The GARANT Power Q range of high feed rate indexable face mills offers you production with high process reliability thanks to the use of stable embedding for the indexable inserts, low risk of damage to the tool carrier even at high metal removal rates, short chips rolled to an optimum tightness plus in addition optimised chip evacuation.

GARANT Power Q in action!

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Advantages at a glance

1. Hard nickel coating: Avoids corrosion and damage on the tool surface.

2. Stability: Process-safe machining even with large overhangs.

3. Coolant holes: Standard design with internal cooling.

4. Insert seating: Optimised axial and radial support for every milling application.

Multi-functional milling application

Use our GARANT Power Q high feed cutters in a wide variety of milling applications:

Our high feed milling cutters in detail

GARANT Power Q Double

Benefit from the highest cutting parameter values and enormous process reliability - without requiring you to compromise on cost-effectiveness. The double-sided GARANT Power Q Double high feed rate system offers the best performance at a reduced price per cutting edge.

Tool system with extremely stable embedding for the inserts for working to high process reliability. Tool geometries to reduce the cutting forces contribute significantly to reducing the load on the headstock. This tool allows you achieve large depths of cut even on large diameters.


Our GARANT Power Q convinces with its single-sided, positive and cutting inserts. A tool system with extremely stable embedding of the inserts for working to high process reliability. Tool geometries to reduce the cutting forces contribute significantly to reducing the load on the headstock.

Reliable due to thickness and chip formation.Two-part face cutting edge radius:
Allows increased productivity, large depths of cut (ß) and thin chips (a).

Large clearance angle:


  • optimum chip evacuation
  • perfect performance even in deep cavities (circular interpolation, ramping)
  • advantages for contour-following machining

GARANT Power Q Double: Your unconventional all-round system.
Unconventional cutting edge design for stable machining process.


  • 1. Small recutting edge enables stable chip clearance even when ramping.
  • 2. Wiper-cutter permits sufficiently good surface quality when roughing.
  • 3. Straight cutting edge permits machining at a high feed rate up to the maximum cutting depth.

Cost-effectiveness meets multi-functionality

The GARANT Power Q Double System combines the most important advantages of a single-sided version with those of a double-sided milling insert.
Reliable due to thickness and chip formation.

Increased insert thickness

  • Stable indexable insert bedding ensures process reliability.
  • Low risk of damage to the carrier, even at high metal removal rates.

Good chip formation

  • Short and optimally rolled chips which prevent the milling system jamming.
  • Permits easy cleaning within the machine tools.

The video: Der GARANT Power Q Double

Equipped for every application - Example GARANT Power Q

Application, component, machine, material – your production is always individual.


  1. Application: Pocket milling, tool: Power Q with thread, 212804_20/3, insert: XOMT060310ZZSR, 212819 ST900
  2. Application: Contour slot, tool: Power Q with thread, 212809_32/3 insert: XDMT090416ZDSR, 212860 ST900
  3. Application: Conical circular interpolation milling, tool: Power Q with thread, 212809_32/3, insert: XDMT090416ZDSR, 212860 ST900
  4. Application: Plunging, tool: Power Q with bore, 212817_50/4, insert: XDMT120516ZDSR, 212887 ST900

GARANT Hi5 - 5 cutting edges for greater productivity


  • High metal removal rate at an attractive price per cutting edge.
  • Impressive surface quality thanks to the flat cutting edge.
  • Various versions of 5-edge inserts.

For roughing, finishing, circular interpolation and ramping operations

GARANT Power Q Mini

High feed rate milling system for smaller machining diameters and greater operating depths. Particularly effective due to the large number of cutting edges.

Carrier modification:


  • Adapted indexable insert positioning
  • Better performance for special operations
  • Improved chip evacuation (chip jamming)
  • Less damage to the carrier

Chip grooves:


  • Large chip grooves
  • Optimum chip evacuation
  • Precise internal coolant feed

GARANT Power Q mini in action

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