Garant Master Steel Feed & Speed

GARANT MasterSteel Feed & MasterSteel Speed

Two revolutionary high-performance drills for maximum productivity

Outstanding drilling speeds meet extreme feed rates.

Experience the unique performance of our new Master Steel drills and benefit from maximum productivity. GARANT Master Steel SPEED and GARANT Master Steel FEED reach a new performance level. Compared to a standard drill both achieve their goal at twice the speed.

Fast and strong or strong and fast – the choice is yours!

GARANT Master Steel FEED

Absolute power of the 3 cutters: The latest GARANT Master Steel FEED high feed rate drill is setting standards for feed performance and tool life.

When absolute maximum performance is required, the new GARANT Master Steel FEED high feed rate drill with its three cutters offers clear benefits. With its design for maximum feed and its innovative triple-cutter point geometry, this high-end drill is setting the new standard for its class. When processing steel on machines with high spindle power and torque, the GARANT Master Steel FEED achieves a previously unattained metal removal rate. With its two-stage point geometry, the tool offers very good centring capability, enables spot drilling on slightly irregular surfaces and achieves absolute extreme values for feed and tool life.

GARANT Master Steel FEED: Master of feed

For machines with high power output and stable operating conditions. For absolute maximum performance and productivity. Suitable for components with critical, irregular surfaces thanks to its outstanding spot drilling behaviour. For the diameter range from 4 mm to 20 mm.

1. Three cutters with special point geometry


  • Stable cutting edges with large clearance at the centre.
  • Designed for maximum feed rates.

2. Optimised point geometry with 145° point angle


  • Very good chip flow with reduced cutting pressure and controlled chip breaking.
  • Reduced burr formation when drilling through holes.
  • Guarantees long tool life and process reliability.
  • Patent pending.

3. Specially developed chisel edge


  • Outstanding self-centring, thus easy spot drilling even on critical and irregular surfaces.

4. Coating


  • Multi-layer PVD coating with nanolayer structure for even, controlled wear behaviour and long tool life.

5. Solid carbide substrate


  • Greatly improved bending strength and hardness properties.

6. Three guide chamfers


  • Stable guidance in the bore and when exiting the bore.
  • Exact roundness and compliance with boring tolerance.


Extreme speed for maximum efficiency: The GARANT Master Steel SPEED high speed drill redefines cutting speed.

The new high speed drill Master Steel SPEED is more than just another high-performance tool. Thanks to its design for maximum speed and new features, the high end drill achieves a previously unattained metal removal rate. You will achieve maximum efficiency when processing steel on machines with low spindle power, but high speed, and for components with thin-walled cross sections. A new, innovative carbide substrate, the special arrangement of the four guide chamfers and a first-class coating enable extreme cutting speeds alongside great durability.

GARANT Master Steel SPEED: Master of speed

For machines with high speed and low power output. Ready for use with internal cooling and without internal cooling (article No. 12 2415). Suitable for thin-walled, unstable components due to its low cutting forces. For the diameter range from 2 mm to 20 mm.

1. Special major cutting edge


  • Significant reduction of the cutting forces during drilling.
  • Outstanding drilling performance even at high cutting speeds.

2. Slim chisel edge


  • Perfect self-centring upon drill entry.
  • The material is cut virtually to the middle and not displaced as in the standard chisel edge design.

3. Coating


  • Wear resistance even at high process temperatures.

4. Special guide chamfers


  • Reliable guidance of the tool, as the second guide chamfer supports the drill from an early stage.
  • This ensures maximum "straightness" and quality in terms of bore diameters.

5. Optimised solid carbide substrate


  • Extreme hardness, suitable for extreme conditions.

6. Polished flutes


  • For highest demands on surface finish of the bore.
  • Optimum chip flow at high metal removal volumes.

Product video

GARANT Master Steel Feed and Speed

A double pack of two revolutionary high performance drills! See our high performance tools of the Master Steel range in action.

Master Steel Feed, the master of feed. For outstanding performance on machines with high spindle power, for extreme feeds and for impressive durability.

Master Steel Speed, the master of speed. For outstanding performance on machines with low spindle power, for extreme cutting speeds and for minimal time needed per bore.