Garant HB 70 & 71

Powerful - GARANT HB 7010-1 and HB 7020

High performance cutting tool material with maximum wear resistance

Robust, sharp-edged and uniquely good!

The new GARANT turning grades HB 7010-1 & HB 7020 were inspired by nature's perfect example – a shark tooth. With properties like a shark tooth perfected by evolution, the new GARANT turning grades HB 7010-1 and HB 7020 gave an impressive performance when machining steel during comparative tests.

The multilayer coating system of the GARANT inserts makes it possible to achieve highest cutting data and maximum reliability due to a tailor-made, innovative gradient carbide substrate – similar to a shark tooth – with a hard exterior and an elastic core.

Perfect characteristics

The shark tooth structure, perfected by evolution, provides inspiration for the development of the GARANT high performance cutting material HB 7010-1 and HB 7020 making them extremely wear resistant.

1. Aligned nano-crystals


  • Maximum hardness of the Ti(C,N) coating due to grain sizes in the nano range.
  • Higher toughness due to aligned crystal structure.

2. Optimum combination of hardness and toughness

Two components transform our turning grades into the superlative for machining steel:

  • Wear resistant, thermally resistant outer CVD coating system consisting of Al2O3 and Ti(C,N) with maximum hardness values.
  • Maximum toughness values of the inner carbide substrate prevent chipping and brittle fracture.

3. Robust gradient material


  • TiN proportion of the substrate is not, as previously, evenly distributed but graded.
  • Increased TiN proportion at the edges of the carbide substrate for optimum adhesion between substrate and coating.
  • No shearing of the coating due to adapted thermal expansion coefficient of the substrate (TiN coating to TiN proportion of the substrate).

4. Extremely smooth surface


  • Optimised surface finish of the Al2O3 coating layers.
  • Minimum degree of friction between workpiece and cutting material.
  • Minimum abrasion and generation of heat due to the chip sliding off the cutting insert's surface.

The right substrate for all cutting conditions

Insert HB 7010-1: Always in the fast lane


  • Highest cutting speed.
  • The ideal cutting material for continuous cut.

Insert HB 7020: Meet every challenge


  • Maximum universality.
  • The ideal cutting material for slightly interrupted cut.

Insert geometries

Optimum chip breaking in the whole ISO P range: The inserts HB 7010-1 and HB 7020 are available in 4 different, specially adapted geometries. Every steel turning application is covered!

1. SS – The finishing one:


  • Very good chip control for low cutting depths.
  • Smooth chip evacuation due to dynamically shaped cutting edge.

2. SM – The general purpose one:


  • The SM geometry achieves the perfect balance between breaking strength and sharp-edges.

3. SG – The robust one:


  • First choice for interrupted cutting and workpieces with hardened surface.

4. SR – The roughing one:


  • For extreme interrupted cutting and large cutting depths.
  • Chip breaker for one-sided inserts.

Video HB 7010-1 & HB 7020

GARANT HB7010-1 and HB 7020


The multilayer coating system for highest cutting data and maximum reliability due to a tailor-made, innovative gradient carbide substrate.

An impressive substrate with a hard exterior and an elastic core. Discover the broad range!

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