Garant Easyfix

Tool storage system GARANT Easyfix

Order for a perfectly organised workplace

The idea: re-think - re-organise

GARANT Easyfix - The ingeniously simple tool storage system for a well-organised workplace.


  • Visual order: saves time and makes work more efficient.
  • Easy handling: Can easily be fitted/removed with just one hand, positioning where it makes most sense from an ergonomic perspective.
  • Safe storage of sensitive tools on special hooks and holders, and safe removal.
  • Award-winning design: The Easyfix system received the coveted German Design Award.
  • Modular and universal: Can be attached to many different surfaces.
  • Extensive range: Large variety of steel hooks and specially shaped plastic holders.

An endless number of possibilities for attaching and storing tools, and for creating order

GARANT Easyfix steel hooks and holders

First-class material:
Galvanized steel wire. Ø of 4 - 6 mm available. High rigidity, does not bend.

Total safety:
Chamfered edge - therefore no risk of injury. High load capacity, no bending of the steel hooks, perforated panel will not get scratched and tools will not get caught.

First class hooks and base plates:
Convenient and easy to handle: can simply be clicked into place and removed using just one hand.
Plastic in anthracite grey, abrasion-free and durable. Able to withstand high temperature fluctuations, does not become porous.

GARANT Easyfix plastic hooks and holders

Well thought out system:
Simple attachment to perforated panels, Multifix rail or direct fitting to a wall using the wall mounting plate. Wide variety and large choice of different hooks and holders.

The right holder for every tool:
No rattling due to the precise fit of the tool in the appropriate plastic holder. Tool will not get scratched by the holder. High mechanical strength.

First-class material:
Impact-resistant, unbreakable. Made of recyclable plastic PA6 GF20 (base plate) and ABS (hooks and holders).
No sharp edges. Absolutely torsion-resistant – high load capacity.

Easy handling: Plastic hooks and holders are supplied including a base plate. Simply click the base plate into the perforated panel, slide on the holder, ready.

Extensive choice and combinations

Find the right hooks and holders for every tool:

Single steel wire hooks, double steel wire hooks, special steel wire hooks, general-purpose plastic hooks, plastic tool clips, special shape plastic holders and many more.

Extended possibilities

Ergonomic tilting
The Vario base holder can be tilted to various angles from 0 – 45° in 4 steps. Thus tools can be removed in an ergonomic, time-saving manner that will not damage your health.

Increased load capacity
The Multifix rail can be directly attached to the perforated panel in a tilted position. With up to a maximum of five Vario base holders the load capacity of the multifix rail can be increased to 50 kg.

The mobile use of tools is also made easier: Remove the tools in their respective holder from the table base plate and attach it e.g. to the Easyfix base plate on the GARANT ladder.

Multifix rail, shadowboard, open storage bins

Multifix rail for attaching GARANT Easyfix hooks and holders, open storage boxes, magnetic holders and shadowboards.

Hooking into the support columns or fitting directly onto a perforated panel using the base plates.

Fitting to walls (concrete, wood, sheet metal) or worktops using the wall mounting plate or the Vario base holder.

GARANT shadowboards

Using base plates, shadowboards can be attached to a perforated panel or Multifix rail either horizontally or at an angle of 45°.

GARANT open storage bins

The GARANT open storage bins can easily be attached to a perforated panel using the box holder, or they can be hooked directly onto the Multifix rail.

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