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PB Swiss Hexagon Key L-Wrench Long - Inch

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These PB Swiss Tools Hexagon Key L-wrench Long are available in a variety of sizes and are designed for hexagon socket screws. The precisely chamfered edges ensure easy insertion into screws of these PB Tools Allen Keys and Allen Wrenches.

These PB Swiss Tools Hexagon key L-Wrenches are made of a special alloy based on spring steel, offering exceptional elasticity coupled with high grade hardening. Laser-marked serial number is included on each PB Tools model.

PB Swiss Tools Allen Key Hexagon Key L-Wrench Long PB Tools Allen Wrenches Hex Wrenches Allen Keys

Article Number EAN / GTIN Manufacturer Number
R-L60060 1668 7610733038350 214Z.3/64
R-L60060 1533 7610733038343 214Z.1/16
R-L60060 1518 7610733038336 214Z.5/64
R-L60060 1042 7610733012930 214Z.3/32
R-L60060 1669 7610733038367 214Z.7/64
R-L60060 1057 7610733012947 214Z.1/8
R-L60060 1670 7610733038374 214Z.9/64
R-L60060 1056 7610733012954 214Z.5/32
R-L60060 1457 7610733012961 214Z.3/16
R-L60060 1649 7610733012978 214Z.7/32
R-L60060 1540 7610733012985 214Z.1/4
R-L60060 1542 7610733012992 214Z.5/16
R-L60060 1541 7610733013005 214Z.3/8
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