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Velum Filter

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Only compatible with a standard Velum Filter Refill.

Fast protection for electronic machines

All industrial machines require constant maintenance and regular replacement of filters in order to operate properly and guarantee their maximum productivity. Urgent deliveries that do not allow machine downtime, lack of specialised manpower or simple forgetfulness do not always allow the filter replacement operation to be carried out with due regularity.

The Velum patented system, specific for electronic machines, is applied externally, directly above the inlet grille of the ventilation and cooling system of the production unit. Once applied, Velum collects and holds the oily mists in its knitted fabric and ensures the normal passage of fresh and clean air into the machine while protecting the internal filter.

The Velum replacement check is visual: when the Velum protective filter is covered by polluting agents, you need to replace it. Velum can be replaced in 5 seconds and you do not need any specialised manpower, thus avoiding downtime and cutting down on maintenance and missed production costs due to the internal filter replacement.

Velum is easy to apply and allows to effectively plan the protection of any industrial machine: just write in the appropriate space the date of the last replacement and the name of the operator who carried it out, so as to avoid omissions, downtime or breakdowns due to failure to replace the internal filter.

To ensure maximum efficiency of your machines, replace Velum once a week.

A Velum roll consists of 110 sheets: for 5 cents a day, you protect your machine for more than two years.


600 mm  500 mm  400 mm  300 mm  200 mm

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