Jepson 8203E Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw Kit

U07823 8203E
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Cordless metal circular saw by Jepson Power for quick and burr-free sawing of sheet metal, grids, sandwich panels etc. without coolant.

DRY CUT TECHNOLOGY, there is no need for lubricants

Ideal for cutting steel, metal sheet, sandwich panels, metal plates, tubes and profiles made of steel, non-ferrous materials and composites
Equipped with a Ø 8"/48T carbide-tipped "LBS impact resistant" saw blade for maximum service life and quality
67 mm depth of cut
Very long battery life thanks to the ultra-thin-walled, energy-efficient LBS saw blade
Chip collector for clean work

Voltage 18 V
Idle speed 3,500 rpm
Net weight 12lbs
Saw blade Ø 8"mm
Sound pressure 98.1 db(A)
Vibration ah = 2.05

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