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Wiha 32934 16 Piece Electrician's Apprentice Tool Set

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Technical Data

This Wiha 32934 Electrician‘s apprentice tool set consists of 16 pieces, including VDE German Screwdrivers, and has all the tools needed to get started as an apprentice electrician with the added safety of individually tested German VDE Wiha screwdrivers.

Insulated PicoFinish Precision Screwdrivers
Slotted 2.5mm 6.2-Inch
Slotted 3.0mm 6.2-Inch
Slotted 3.5mm 6.2-Inch
Phillips #0 x 6.2-Inch

Insulated SoftFinish® Screwdrivers
Slotted 4.5mm x 9.3-Inch
Slotted 6.5mm x 10.6-Inch
Phillips #1 x 7.5-Inch
Phillips #2 x 8.6-Inch
Square #2 x 10.5-Inch

Insulated Pliers
8-Inch Insulated Industrial Long Nose Pliers
9.5-Inch New England Style Lineman‘s High Leverage Pliers
8-Inch Insulated Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutters

Everyday Tools
10-20 AWG Wire Strippers
25 Ft. Wiha Measuring Tape
20 oz. Cushion Grip Claw Hammer
9“ Magnetic Torpedo Level

1000 Volt Rated, 10,000 Volt Tested
Comply with one or more of the following standards: VDE, ASTM, IEC, CSA, OSHA, EN/IEC, NFPA.
All tools individually tested for maximum safety performance

Wiha Electrician‘s Apprentice Tool Set 16 pieces with VDE German Wiha Screwdrivers

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