Measurement Tools

Measurement tools and metrology products available from brands that include Mitutoyo, Stabila, Johnson Levels, Garant, and Holex. Hoffmann Group USA measurement and metrology products are guaranteed to meet all of your measurement needs from bevels, calipers, micrometers, gauges, and levels, to full equipped measuring tool sets, and many more!

  • 4045197203083 Holex Dial Caliper 150/01 Precision Measurement Holex 412350 150/01

    Holex Dial Caliper 150/01 Precision Measurement

    This Holex Precision Measurement Dial Caliper 150/01 offers the following features: Satin chrome-plated scale. Shock-proof with protected rack. Precision dial indicator with rotating dial and locking screw. Readings of 1 mm on the beam, 1/100 mm on the...
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  • Milwaukee 35 ft tape measure 48-22-7135

    Milwaukee 48-22-7135 35 Ft Magnetic Tape Measure

    Milwaukee tape measure 48-22-7135 - 35 Foot Magnetic Tape Measure is a compact magnetic tape that measures up to 9 ft. of standout and a magnet that easily adheres to EMT & steel studs for ease of use. Built with our nylon blade protection and a...
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  • 4045197439116 Garant Small Spirit Level with Selectable Magnet Garant Tools 467010 250

    Garant Small Bubble Level with Selectable Magnet

    Bubble level - The Garant Small German Spirit Level with Selectable Magnet features a sturdy anodized aluminium profile, with flat and Vee-form measuring faces. The selectable magnet is effective on flat surfaces and on pipes, while the flush vials with...
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  • Garant Tape Measure with mm and inch readings

    Garant Tape Measure mm/inch (Accuracy Class 2)

    Description Version: A particularly high-quality tape measure with a body made from glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide and automatic tape return.For the perfect grip, the contact areas and stop button are coated with 2-component Haptoprene.Plain...
    $14.29 - $25.39
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    Mitutoyo 513-402-10T Dial Indicator R-U43028 .03INCH

    Mitutoyo 513-402-10T Dial Indicator

    Was: $163.00
    Now: $130.00
  • 4045197502506 Garant German Precision Vernier Caliper Garant Tools 410100 150

    Garant Chromium Plated Precision Vernier Caliper

    This Garant Vernier Caliper is a chromium plated precision caliper with the following attributes: Satin chromium plated anti-glare reading parts.Fine, high-contrast scale.Precision lapped measuring face.Locking screw at the top.Ergonomic caliper,...
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    Garant Light Metal Spirit Level 400mm R-467020 400

    Garant Light Metal Bubble Level 400mm

    Version: Bubble level - Thick-walled anodised aluminium profile with very high rigidity. Flat and Vee-form measuring faces for perfect alignment on surfaces, pipes and edges. Flush horizontal vial with magnifying effect creates distortion-free view of...
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    Now: $30.97
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    Mitutoyo 103-131 / 103-132 External Micrometer 420600

    Mitutoyo 103-131 / 103-132 Outside Micrometer

    Version: Barrel non-reflecting chrome plated.Precision lapped, carbide-tipped measuring faces. Hardened and ground measuring spindle. Locking by locking lever. With ratchet. Precision engraved black divisions and numerals. Supplied with: From size...
    $112.24 - $115.92
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    Support Frame for Granite Plates Garant 431000 2000X1000

    Support Frame for Granite Plates

    Version: Sturdy welded construction including levelling fittings. Uneven floors can be compensated using height compensation screws..Support frame, steel sections, paint finish RAL 9006 white aluminium. Beech ply storage shelf. Application: The...
    Was: $1,501.74
    Now: $899.00
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    3165140883221 Bosch GLM 50 C 165 Foot Laser Measure Bosch U07124 GLM50C

    Bosch GLM 50 C 165 Foot Laser Measure

    This Bosch GLM 50 C 165 foot Laser Measure offers outstanding features and functionality with Bluetooth technology.  Whether it's the upgraded backlit color display or Bluetooth® technology that's compatible with the free Bosch app (MeasureOn),...
    Was: $178.43
    Now: $140.00
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  • 4059192014407 Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R   R-434310 25

    Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R

    Digital indicator MarCator 1086 R Technical Data: IP protection: IP 42 Data interface: Digimatic, Opto RS-232C, USB Manufacturer's standard Measurement Range (Metric): 25mm Reversable Resolution Reading (Metric): 0.01 mm Reversable Resolution Reading...
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  • 4946368673158 Mitutoyo 293-821-30 Digital Outside Micrometer   421500 0-25

    Mitutoyo 293-821-30 Digital Outside Micrometer

    Description Version: Digital external micrometer with compact design. Extra large LCD display (7.5 mm). Carbide-tipped anvils.   Supplied with: 1 battery No. 081560 size 357.   Technical Data Standard DIN 863 Measuring range...
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  • 4045197207494 Holex Brass Feeler Gauges (Accuracy Class T2)   478210 20

    Holex Brass Feeler Gauges (Accuracy Class T2)

    Version: Hard spring steel blades, clearly labelled. Equal width steel blades, pivoted on a riveted joint to fold away. Tapered steel blades. In nickel-plated casing, with clamp.Feeler gauge with brass blades. Non-magnetic, tapered, 100 mm...
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  • 4005069025007 Stabila 250 mm Spirit Level   467412 250

    Stabila 250 mm Spirit Level

    Description Version: Handy small spirit level. Face-milled measuring faces. Unbreakable acrylic vials (vertical + horizontal).   Technical Data Error limit in normal position   0.5 mm/m Length   250 mm Type of product...
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  • 4045197226020 Garant 2.5 Meter Tape Measure with Viewing Window   462201 2,5

    Garant 2.5 Meter Tape Measure with Viewing Window

    Description Version: Shock-resistant plastic casing. Aluminium inlay on both work faces, giving exact contact surfaces for inside and outside measurement. Aluminium profiles resistant to heat and mechanical loads. Tape measure stove enamelled, with...
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  • 4045197234933 Holex Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler   461805 300

    Holex Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler

    Description Version: Made of stainless spring steel. Clean, electrolytically applied, black graduations and figures with smooth surface. Easy-to-read. Rounded edges to prevent injuries.Upper edge with ½ mm graduations, lower edge with 1...
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  • 4045197234797 Holex Engineer's Precision Stainless Steel Rule   461600 300

    Holex Engineer's Precision Stainless Steel Rule

    Description Version: Of special stainless clock spring steel with ground measuring edges. Wide version. Upper and lower edges both with mm graduations. Very easy to read due to matt surface and sharp graduation scale.Graduations...
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  • 4045197225641 Holex Spring Divider   457005 150

    Holex Spring Divider

    Description Version: Sturdy design with long arms, made of tool steel. Points and measuring faces ground and hardened. Solid spindle with adjusting nut for quick and fine adjustment. Annular spring provides constant spring tension.With fixed points...
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  • 4045197443953 Stainless Steel Bevel Square (Accuracy Class 00) Garant  450010 100X70

    Stainless Steel Bevel Square (Accuracy Class 00)

    Description Version: Very high accuracy.With two bevelled straight edges on the long blade.Through hardened and stress-relieved. Test faces ground and lapped, other faces ground.   Application: For inspection work using the light gap principle...
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  • 4045197204929 Holex 200mm Marking Vernier Caliper   446300 200

    Holex 200mm Marking Vernier Caliper

    Description Version: Satin chrome-plated, with cleanly engraved scale.   Technical Data Standard   Manufacturer’s standard Measuring range   0 mm - 200 mm Graduation/scale   0.05 mm Error limit...